Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Wodehouse annotation site

What say we ignore the fact that I showed up late to the party and embrace the fact that I showed up at all? It is with considerable relief that I learned of another Wodehouse annotation website, Madame Eulalie’s Pelham Eulogy. Not only does it save me the trouble of annotating 31 of the master's titles, but it points up the fact that this is a job for more than one person.


  1. I note with almost nauseating smugness that the (admittedly better) annotation site doesn't delve as deeply as I did into the naming of Marvis Bay. So at least I score one point.

  2. Dear DG: As, for a few moments longer, President of The Wodehouse Society, let me say how wonderful it is to see another Plum fan delving deeply into the fictional world of Wodehouse to find its reality based roots. I might mention that we tend to be either merely lovers of the writing or passionately opinionated about what we think is a "correct" interpretation. And in truth Plum left few enough reliable clues. Your work will spur the debate and the new-ish "The Globe Reclamation Project" will add even more new news to the pot for consideration. All in all, Wodehouse fans have a great deal to look forward to in the near future, the new Faulks book, the London West End show, and a coincidental Paul Cox Wodehouse art exhibition in October at the Chris Beetles gallery in London, and lots of chatter on Facebook and other cites. BTW, TWS hopes to open shortly a new and updated website and I will herewith formally ask for your permission to add a link to your blog therein.

    1. I formally grant permission: I should be pleased; I should be proud; I should be certified.

      Your point about few reliable clues is an important one. You won't be offended if I forget all about it at regular intervals, I hope?

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